Two great weeks in Europe

China Wedding Album

Finally, after almost two years (!!), we have put together an album with a collection of all our friends’ and family’s photos of our Chinese Wedding. There are some great shots, and it really reminds us both what an amazing day it was!

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Australia, New Zealand & Japan


A vast country, light hearted culture, full of sun and wind and insects! – Hui

New Zealand:

Beautiful, unspoiled, magnificent, the last paradise. – Hui


A 72 hours adventure – mixed of Ancient and Modern, tradition and fashion, ritual and obsession. Fascinating! – Hui

Are you Malaysian?

I had lunch in a near by pan Asian restaurant today, where they serve beef ho fun as well as Pad Thai.

This restaurant has almost become my canteen as I cannot stand cold lunch (unless it’s exceptionally good.) Chinese are used to have a warm and substantial lunch, and a delicate small dinner. I believe this is a healthier choice. You won’t make your stomach struggle to digest a big meal while you are trying to sleep. Perhaps this is why the people here are struggling in their weight balance.

Although the restaurant is called: ‘Friends’, I am eating alone and am the only one there. A bit odd, but I enjoy the moment of peace and quiet.

The girl was very friendly and smiley. While paying the bill, she asked me, where are you from. I asked her to guess. ‘Malaysian’? she asked. Funnily enough, another girl made the same guess while we were in Dali, when I was absolutely brown.

Chinese regards darker skin as the sign of a peasant, while the girls try all they can to keep their skin white.

Yep. If you want to be pretty then you need to be whiter. And I am too dark to be Chinese…

Tuscany & Ile de Ré

Earlier in the summer my dad and step-mother came to Europe for a few weeks. Due to our frequent trips to China, we don’t go to the States that much anymore, so in order to spend the most time with my parents we made two long weekend trips to join them on their travels.

In Tuscany, we stayed in a rustic rented villa which we soon discovered was on the edge of a motorcycle racing track! The weather was very hot which meant that I was happiest by the pool rather than walking around in a town. We had some really excellent seafood, despite being quite far from the sea. My parents returned to the restaurant to eat again it was so good.

In Ile de Ré we stayed in a house rented by my uncle to celebrate his 60th birthday. In the photos you can see our boat trip to La Rochelle to have a mammouth three and a half hour lunch to mark the occasion!

A Long Weekend in Sardinia

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As a greedy pig, I have been looking forward to Sardinia so long, because our friend Todd had been telling us how wonderful the seafood was in the island. In love with Italian food, so Sardinia, here I am.


Back from China

We got back from our trip to China a week ago now. We spent two weeks there, one week seeing family and friends in Huizhou, and one week travelling around Yunnan (云南) Province to Dali (大理), Lijiang (丽江) and Zhongdiang (中甸). Have a look at our photos below:

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Welcome to our new site, which is still under construction.

Hui’s blog has been imported, in case you are Chinese or want to practice reading it!

Our wedding site is still available here, and photos from before I met Hui are on my old personal website.

Note From the Manager

To Whom It may Concern,

This to confirm that Miss Hui Huang has worked at the Travel Bookshop on a part-time basis since June 2005; she will continue to work here part time until Decenber 2005…

Although how long this situation may continue has subsequently been thrown into doubt due to the fact that since writing the foregoing it has been brought to my notice that during the course of her work at the Travel Bookshop last week Hui contrived to send the Bertram returns to Gardners and those returns which should have been sent to Gardners she sent to Bertrams. Needless to say I was unimpressed and trust that she will rectify this unfirtunate situation by kindly sending the correct list of books to be returned to the correct wholesaler and to have the respective envelopes in the post by 10.30 am on Wednesday 12 October 2005 with a note to each wholesaler advising them what happened on the first attempt at sending the returns list to them and telling them that we would be grateful if they would now consider the list and advise us which of the books may be returned.

Nick Creagh-Osborne


Octber 11th 2005



所以当VIC交给我这封长信的时候,心里纳闷了一下。还以为是他的草稿。还好,没有看完的时候,Vic已经在说,‘我当时就跟他说不要这样作弄April。英语不是她的第一语言,她肯定不能Catch it.Oh, PoorApril。 还是不明白。继续看信。惊觉,死,又犯错了。大头虾的天性永远改不了。还没有开始慌,两个同事就笑了起来。Christian收起笑脸一本正经的给我解释说,你看了《Watching the English> 知道英国人经常喜欢讲一些他们并不mean it 的东西。这是英国式的幽默。所以这封信是他给你开的玩笑。。。。‘



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